This investment is currently being organised.

We are going to revitalise a silk factory along with a residential tenement building belonging to this site.
The building is located on a 4,148 m2 plot of land. The plot has a few old industrial buildings on it and one historical residential tenement building.


Our fourth project is located in the Śródmieście district of Łódź near the intersection of Wólczańska and Więckowskiego street.

The project will be completed within 2.5 years.

The real estate is part of a local land management plan which is beneficial for this investment.

After paying in the contribution, the investor becomes a co-owner of this attractive plot along with its buildings in the centre of the city.

Most of the apartments in the higher storeys will have private green spaces on the roof.

The unique, post-industrial character of this site allows for numerous arrangement possibilities.

min. investment amount
0 m2
Total floor area
0 m2
Total residential area
0 m2
Total commercial area
0 m2
Plot area

Investment process

Purchase of the property

The property has already been purchased, the limited partnership is its owner. The investor becomes a limited partner and co-owner of the property.

Formation of the Investment Group

The Investment Group is a special purpose vehicle company. The investors become partners in the limited partnership after investing a minimum of 50,000 PLN.


This stage will include exchanging the ceilings, installations and all other existing elements which do not have historical value. New horizontal and vertical insulation will be put in place. The existing buildings will be enlarged. An underground garage and two entirely new buildings to match the existing ones will be built, creating unique “Soft Lofts.”

Sale of the premises

The apartments will be available for purchase as soon as the construction permit is issued. The profit made is then divided among the investors.

Legal entity:
Limited liability company and limited partnership

Investment method:
Taking up shares as a limited partner

About us

Revisit Home Sp. z o.o. (Limited liability company) was created to implement the most attractive real estate investment projects with investors.

We make it possible for our partners the invest passively and earn on real estate development projects.

Our management team and our industry experts who are involved in this project have many years of experience in completing real estate investment projects.

We carry out all our investments in the form of special purpose vehicle, limited partnerships.

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„The highest profits are hidden in dilapidated walls.”



Key criteria
for choosing the property

In the vicinity:

  • 10 m from the nearest woonerf zone (city courtyard), a typical area for Łódź
  • 250 m from a future metro station – crossroad of Zielona and Zachodnia street
  • 300 m from the largest commercial street in Poland (Piotrkowska street)
  • 900 m from the renown commercial and recreational centre “Manufaktura”
  • 800 m from the new city centre where a few office buildings are being built, which will create 20,000 new jobs
  • 850 m from the Staromiejski park
  • 350 m from the Medical University of Łódź
  • 1000 m from the largest department of the University of Łódź (the Socio-Economic Department)
Lofty Wólczańska Łódź

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If you’re interested in this investment – contact us!

    Tomasz Góra

    +48 602-418-523